Do cigarettes expire?

Do cigarettes expire?

Lots of questions have been asked of me lately. Are cigarettes expired? Or have an expiration date?

Here’s before we discuss further the issue of cigarette expiration, there needs to be underlined here. Cigarettes are not included in the food category. And the rotation is quite fast, even I say very fast.

The majority, if not most of the cigarettes sold on, have a production date. But there is no expiration date in it. How did it happen?

do cigarettes expire

This is my perspective as a cigarette seller, distributor and retailer. Cigarettes are a commodity that is included in the tertiary category. Not a basic requirement in someone’s life. There is no urgency to put the expiration date there

Second, cigarettes have a rapid turnaround from distribution to consumer hands. Rarely, even less than 5% of our stock has not been sold for more than 1 month. Our local average sales only last for 7 days, from stock arrival to all sales.

do cigarettes expire

Is smoking expired cigarettes dangerous?

Smoking cigarettes that have not expired is dangerous. Moreover, smoking cigarettes that have expired? But ... where can we determine when cigarettes expire? there is no printed expiration date printed there.

Personal experience, my friends and I have tried cigarettes produced in 1986 in the military’s MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). And I am fine. I just regret it, smoking cigarettes which are very rarely found. It feels like a sin … haha … “You’ve ruined a collectable cigarette!”

The definition of expired cigarettes.

  1. Pay attention to the date of production. On average, cigarettes can still be enjoyed even though it has been over 1 year from the date of production.
  2. Make sure the wrap is intact, not torn or damaged. Usually cigarettes are damaged in taste due to improper storage. For example, placed in a glass window, exposed to sunlight. Or stored in a damp place, which eventually gives rise to mold.
  3. Look at the physical form. Is there a fungus. Or it smells like it doesn’t belong. But sometimes it is an exception for clove cigarettes. You will find patches on the clove cigarette sticks. Even clove cigarettes that were just produced. Relax, it doesn’t matter. It is clove oil that seeps into cigarette wrapping paper, not something gross.


The tobacco is fermented

Clove cigarettes, surely the tobacco used has gone through a fermentation process to improve its taste. Stored for a long time before being used as raw material for production. One of the tobacco warehouses near our office belongs to Gudang Garam, they keep the tobacco stock for 1-3 years before going to the factory for production.

For the fermentation and flavor of clove cigarettes, I will discuss in another article.

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