Can you order cigarettes online?

Can you order cigarettes online? Again, this is a question that is often asked by netizens. Well, here I will try to answer from our perspective as an Online cigarette seller.

Actually, the answer varies widely and depends on where you live. If you live in Australia you will answer “No!”. If you lived in the United States, some of you would say you could, and some would not.

Cigarettes are controlled products

Smoking is not prohibited. Nobody forbids you to smoke. Unless you are in certain places, such as indoors or public facilities. But personally, no one prohibits you from smoking.

However, cigarettes are one of the products that are controlled by the dealer. He was sold. And how much it costs. The government plays a big role in this. Then came us, the online cigarette seller. To fill the gap between demand and supply.

It’s never far from money matters

The tobacco industry and its derivative products is a multibillion-dollar industry. The number of transactions per day from this industry is not a small value. Therefore, the government is trying to get in control of cigarettes by taking advantage of the excise which is not small in value.

Yes, the government wants money quickly, by the increasing cigarette excise tax. On the other hand, they also deal with the Institute for Health and Food Control. Who is aggressively conducting anti-smoking campaigns? There are 2 conflicting interests.

Can you order cigarettes online?

Yes, of course. With all the risks. In the following, I will explain the risks and benefits of buying cigarettes online.

The advantages of buying cigarettes online:

  1. You can buy cigarettes that are not sold in your area.
  2. The price is relatively cheaper than buying the same brand at a shop / drugstore / gas station.
    3.You can save quite a bit of money by not being charged extra taxes (if you’re lucky)

Cons of buying cigarettes online:

  1. In some regions, cigarettes are prohibited by mail, parcel or other sent packages. Buyers and sellers must meet face to face.
  2. You have the potential to violate controlled product distribution laws. In some areas it can be categorized as a criminal act.
  3. You could be accused of tax evasion. By buying cigarettes online, especially imported cigarettes from outside the country you live in. Most enter tax-free. You are only charged a small amount of import duty. When your country’s local customs authority finds out that your package contains cigarettes, you may be subject to customs penalties for smuggling cigarettes.
  4. You could be accused of violating health laws regarding unsupervised age limits when purchasing cigarettes online.

This is probably the worst sales pitch from us online cigarette sellers. However, we just want to convey the truth. We don’t want to be seen sprinkling the icing on the shit. So that everyone becomes alert, and understands that there are risks involved.

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